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Green Hills with Blue Sky

Rates & Insurance


Face to Face Therapy

$100.00 Individual Session 45-50 min.

$120.00 Extended Individual Session 60 min.

$150.00 Extended Individual Session 90 min.

$150.00 Diagnostic Evaluation 75 min

$150.00 Family /Couples Therapy 60 min.

$200.00 Family/Couples Therapy 90 min.

Life and Wellness Coaching

$175.00 Intial Session 90 Minutes

Single Session Option

$120.00 for 1 hour Session

Package Options:

$400.00 for  $100.00 an hour Package of Four Sessions 

$1,080.00 for $ 90.00 an hour Package of Nine Sessions


Distance Counseling

$ 35.00 Email 500 word maximum

$ 35.00 Video Chat  15 min.

$ 60.00 Video Session 30 min.

$120.00 Video Session 45-50 min

No Show Fee is Fee for Service that you Scheduled.

Scheduling Appointments:

When you schedule your appointment, please advise me of what service you would like to receive by above mentioned fee schedule. I want you to have time you need for my services, this is totally your choice. I need you to be clearly aware of your financial obligation.

Fee For Service

I will greatly encourage you to pay fee for service as no diagnosis is required, total confidentiality, and you determine the type, length, and content of your treatment. It is great benefit for you to approach this as a valuable professional service for you and your family.

Life and Wellness Coaching 

Life and Wellness Coaching is available for you. It is a way to guide you during life transitions involving one or more of following areas of your life:

Marriage, Family, Personal Growth, Career, Health and Wellness, Grief, and Spirituality

Distance Counseling
Distance counseling at this time can not be billed through insurance. The method of payment is credit card at time of service. 

Insurance Coverage
I will do a diagnostic evaluation on our first visit to determine if you have met criteria for mental health diagnosis, such as depression, anxiety, or addiction. I will advise you of your diagnosis for you to know what medical condition I am treating you for with our therapy.

I am a provider for Tricare, Value Options, and Millitary One Source at this time. You will pay all deductible and coinsurance that is required on these insurance plans.

You will be required to get initial authorization by contacting the company prior to our beginning treatment.
I will bill the above mentioned insurance companies for your services provided.

If you have United, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, and any other plan you will pay for visit at fee for service rates at time of service. We will submit the claim for you or provide you with claim form to submit yourself

If your insurance does not pay for services rendered you will be required to pay at the fee for service rate.

I expect you to pay for services, deductible, or copayments at the time you receive the services.

Cash, check and all major credit cards accepted for payment.

Collection Policy
If you have a unpaid balance over sixty days past due without any attempt to pay I will refer your account to a collection agency. They will contact you, report the debt to credit bureau, and work to secure payment in full.

Cancellation Policy
If you have not notified me at least 24 hours in advance you will have to pay for service requested.

Request a therapy appointment online here. Questions? Please contact me for further information.

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