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Green Hills with Blue Sky

My Poems for You


Love Speaks to You


Listen to Love,
Cry your Tears,
Feel Your Pain,
Share with Someone.

Holds it Dear,
Talk it Out,
Your own Voice.

Wise and True,
Listen Carefully,
As it Speaks.

Music so Sweet,
Sings Praise,
 Strength to Heal.

 Grow and Flourish,
 Within You,
Listen Moments,
 Love Speaks to You

Inner Wisdom

Take the time,
 Journey within,
answers you need.

Quiet body,
clear mind,
 feelings begin,
 Journey within.

 No map,
so many signs,
confusion supreme,
 hold with compassion.

trust what you feel,
deep inside,
keep moving along.

Will it lead,
what's in store,
present future calls,
at the door.

 Start the journey,
awareness of all,
the beautiful gift,
wrapped within.

Kathleen Triebwasser

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