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Life and Wellness Coaching

What is Life and Wellness Coaching ?

Life and Wellness Coaching is available for you. It is a way to guide you during life transitions involving one or more of following areas of your life:

Marriage, Family, Personal Growth, Career, Health and Wellness, Grief, and Spirituality

What is the difference between therapy and life coaching?

Life and Wellness Coaching is much different than therapy in that it is more a transformative process to open all areas of your life to the creative genius inside of you.

The major difference is that coaching requires open questions, that lead to clearer goal setting, self exploration, self awareness, self knowledge, new skills, motivation of positive behavioral changes,  increased life satisfaction and self efficacy. It is really just about becoming who you already are, you, the unique person moving forward to wholeness and well being.

I love therapy as well as life and wellness coaching. They both share the desire to help people. Coaching helps you realize your potential, but with a different focus, helping you be well versus encouraging you to get well.

We all have the same mountain to climb. We are moving forward to rich, full, meaningful, vital life.

We all have to navigate the swamp around it.  In therapy you are caught in the swamp, can not get out, and need help to get you out of the swamp.

In coaching you are on your mountain, with lots of different path's ahead, you know you need a coach to help you walk your best path. 

Our journey is better together! So let's take the next step together.

What is best time commitment for best benefit to me?
The life and wellness coaching is done is in a one hour 60 minute session time commitment. The time commitment is yours to choose.

I recommend that you make a commitment to a minimum of twelve session package. I feel to get best results you have to be willing to give time and resources to the practice of life and wellness coaching.

I will gladly provide a no charge initial meeting of thirty minutes to discuss life coaching with you.

Please feel free to contact me at your convenience to discuss life and wellness coaching for yourself or loved one.

What are the financial considerations?

The financial terms are available for your review on Rates Page. I will be willing to adjust the balance due of the unpaid commitment, utilizing single session rate,  based on your unique life situation.

I look forward to sharing your life journey.


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