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Courage Blossoms

By: Kathy Triebwasser

My book Courage Blossoms is a twenty page inspirational poem with photographs and a writing exercise that I hope will inspire courage to blossom. I feel have always been a person with a purpose to help, heal, and love people.

One of the best compliment's I received as a therapist by a client was, " I take your words home in my head".  That is where this all started, it made me write my words down. Poems just started to spring to life. I started sending them to my clients.

The photography just happened as I traveled. I found myself taking pictures of flowers, landscapes, and places that touched my heart. I am a flower lover, as I believe that flowers serve one purpose to bring beauty, hope, love into our world.

I know that in our darkest times even the smallest reminder that there is light can carry us through. The beauty of our world touched a deep healing place in me, so I want to share it with others .

I am a writer, which is for me, a huge leap of courage, to speak those words. I know that writing can be one of the best medicine’s we can experience. There is a writing exercise included to help you use these words and images as part of your healing journey.

8x8 Hardcover   $25.00 (Free Shipping in Continental USA)


6x8 Softcover $15.00 (Free Shipping in Continental USA)


 Courage Blossoms For Anyone in Distress Project

My hope is that books find people who need it, whatever the circumstances they find themselves in. I donated 70 books to a domestic violence shelter in December of 2016. I want to donate more, but I need your help, so help me give Courage Blossoms wings to fly.

If you would like to make a donation, you can do so here. Any amount is greatly appreciated!

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